Overnight Weekly Report 21/10/22

1) Development

Overhaul of “Earn with USD+ Section”

We’ve made a complete overhaul of the “Earn with USD+” section — changes made are enlisted as follows:

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3

Uni v3 ETS Relaunch

The initially launched Uni v3 ETS encountered some issues and hence why we had to post-pone it. The ETS rebalanced more often than expected as more mints were made therefore realizing greater Impermanent Losses.


Another product that we’re looking to offer is our Insurance. With Insurance, we would offer both Senior and Junior tranches.

Updated Coingecko and DefiLlama TVL

Coingecko and Defillama now display Total Value Locked for USD+ respectively on all chains. While this does not include TVL for our ETS, we hope to incorporate this change soon.

Arbitrage Bots on Avax for Swapsicle Pools

After launching USD+ farms (namely: USD+/USDC & WAVAX/USD+) with our friends over at Swapsicle, we’ve deployed arbitrage bots designed to enhance volume and ensure a more consistent peg on the DEX. The parameters set to trigger the arbitrage bots are extremely narrow and set as such to deliver greater volume.

2) Marketing

Long Read: How Decentralized Exchanges can Benefit from USD+

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXes) can leverage the Yield-Generation aspect of USD+ to their benefit and get more value accrual from their TVL. We’re seeing this model being employed on Velodrome, Dystopia, Swapsicle & Cone with more to join in the near future.

3) The Yield-Farmer’s Digest

Returns on Yield-Farming via USD+ pairs are extremely lucrative and are as follows:


vAMM USD+/WMATIC Gauge Pool on Penrose: 19% APR

BNB Chain:

vAMM WBNB/USD+ Gauge Pool on Unknown Money: 48% APR


sAMM USD+/LUSD Gauge Pool on Velodrome Finance: 12.46% APR


USDC/USD+ on Swapsicle: 23.21% APR

4) Strategy Changes

Changes in strategies employed by the Overnight protocol can be viewed as follows for Polygon, Avalanche, BSC & Optimism. As a reminder, for those curious, can view the day’s APYs and the yields from their corresponding strategies on our discord.


Image 1: Portfolio as of October 14


Image 1: Portfolio as of October 14


Image 1: Portfolio as of October 14


Image 1: Portfolio as of October 14

Closing Comments

With that said, we conclude this Weekly Report; do join us in our weekly AMA on Monday, October 24 at 3:00 P.M UTC where we’ll be answering your questions!

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