Lucrative Stablecoin Yields & USD+

Lucrative Stablecoin Yields & USD+

Stablecoin Yield-Farming Strategies

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Yield-Farming strategies and how to go about them.

#5: Supplying liquidity for Synapse Stableswap — 7–9% APY

Synapse allows users to provide utility for nexus-pegged stablecoins (nETH or nUSD) in exchange for earning passive swap fees & SYN rewards (the protocol’s native token). The protocol seeks to establish deep liquidity for its derivatives and has amassed a $50M TVL across all chains for its Stableswap.

#4: Lending USDC on Clearpool — 9–15% APR

Lending & Borrowing is crucial for DeFi participants. It enables participants to borrow and lend funds at their will and earn passive income alongside. Lenders earn interest on their lent amount whereas borrowers benefit from the liquidity gained, at the expense of paying lenders.

#3: Folding on Sonne — 11.4% APY

Folding is referred to as the act of opening a ‘lending’ and ‘borrowing’ position simultaneously — this takes it a step further from Clearpool and hence, has higher APYs. Usually, borrowers pay a higher rate than lenders; however, in this case, the token incentives (paid out in the native token — $SONNE) make it profitable to do so. Such rewards are lucrative at the launch of a Money Market to encourage amassing greater liquidity.

#2: Supplying Single-Sided Liquidity on Echidna Finance — 6–8% APR

Echidna is a Yield-Booster built for Platypus Finance. This means that users can earn boosted APRs on their Stablecoins without having to own $PTP — the platform’s governance token. Echidna Finance achieves this by leveraging its own holdings of $PTP for this purpose.

#1: USD+, A Stablecoin that Dominates them All — 8–12% APY

In case you found the above strategies difficult to navigate, then USD+ is your perfect companion. As you can see, navigating DeFi can be quite cumbersome and USD+ offers its users simplicity while staying true to offering lucrative yields.

Yield-Farming: Lucrative or a Fad?

We’ve covered some of the most popular Yield-Strategies within DeFi and concluded that no strategy can be lucrative throughout its lifespan owing to DeFi being versatile. However, this dilemma is effectively solved by Overnight as its versatility enables it to shift to more lucrative strategies when needed and continue to deliver consistent and attractive returns for its users.

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