Top 10 Affiliate Programs in Crypto that you should know about


The ability to monetize one’s network, connections, and followers has grown immensely in popularity within Web 3.0 as a means of earning passive income through your socials. The wider your reach, the more the earnings. Such a phrase is known as “affiliate marketing.”

It works by content creators/influencers earning a share of the revenue or traffic that they generate for a particular platform and in doing so, holding a stake in diverting increased business in favor of a website.

Those that have been successful in the game have generated thousands of dollars within a single day and this acts as a recurring stream of revenue. If you’re in search of a lucrative Crypto Affiliate program then you’re in luck; we’ve narrowed down the top 10 ones out there!

1) Overnight Finance

Overnight is the DeFi Protocol behind USD+, a Fully-Collateralized & Yield-Bearing Stablecoin, and is available on some of DeFi’s most popular chains. The collateral from USD+ is deployed across a spectrum of risk-averse Liquidity Pools to generate its yield which in turn, is passed on to its holders. Doing so generates massive capital efficiency and creates passive yields where it didn’t exist before.

The DeFi protocol offers affiliate marketers the ability to earn a direct share of the TVL that they bring — up to a cool $500 per user.

Overnight offers two affiliate market programs as of currently; one pertains to its flagship stablecoin — USD+ — while the other pertains to its innovative Hedging Strategy (or its ETS). The affiliate rates for the two are 0.5% & 1% of TVL respectively.

The protocol also allows you to calculate the potential earnings from its affiliate programs; they add up to a hefty bit if promoted to the right audience! Moreover, being an alternative to the most popular stablecoin — USDC — more users are likely to use its products.

To get started, you’ll have to apply for the program by filling out this form. Once approved, you can start promoting using a custom affiliate link.

2) Bybit

Bybit is a derivative cryptocurrency exchange that has been soaring in popularity lately. You’ve probably seen them on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, or even around the web if you’re an avid Crypto-enthusiast. If you’ve been seeing them around a lot recently, it’s because their affiliate program is one of the best, and their affiliates are raking in a chunk of commissions through promoting the exchange.

What makes this affiliate program special is that it allows you to earn commissions from the people that your referrals refer to as well — creating a positive loop of affiliate rewards.

3) Coinbase

With over 73M users and ranking #3 among crypto exchanges by volume, Coinbase is clearly a formidable exchange and its referral program is nothing short of its brand name. Being one of the most accessible exchanges for US based users, it onboards a great deal of users to the realm of crypto. With that in mind, using its affiliate programs might be lucrative for those interested.

Coinbase’s affiliate program allows you to earn a 50% commission from the trading fees accrued by any users that you onboard via your affiliate link for the first 3 months.

To get started in your journey of affiliate marketing with Coinbase, fill out this form. Upon approval, you can start promoting your custom affiliate link. The program also has some cool options such as performance tracking — refer to the form attached above for more information on this.

4) Trezor

Being a popular hardware wallet option allowing its users to store their crypto keys offline, Trezor is yet another brand name in crypto. The Trezor hardware wallet is used all over the world and its success can be attributed to its lucrative affiliate program. As a result, converting your audience to customers might be relatively easier when the brand has established credibility.

Hardware wallets are a popular option among people possessing a mid-advanced knowledge of crypto and educating them about the benefits of a hardware wallet (i.e, your crypto being safer, therefore, giving you peace of mind) is a great program to leverage.

Its affiliate program allows referrals to earn a 12–15% commission for each sale earned during the point of sale. One of the great things about Trezor’s affiliate program is that it also allows you to be paid in Bitcoin.

5) Coinrule

As retail investors start increasingly diving into the realm of crypto and trading it, they’re continuously looking for more automated solutions to assist in improving their trading skills. CoinRule is a platform that allows its users to build automated trading solutions with no coding required and hence, is hassle-free.

You can select from over 150 rules such as stop loss, trend rebalancing, daily top performance, and more.

The CoinRule affiliate program offers 20% recurring commissions on plans to affiliates. This is a great program for affiliates with crypto-based audiences that enjoy the benefits of automated trading!

6) Crypto.com

Crypto.com is easily one of the fastest growing crypto platforms in the world offering its users standard, margin, and derivatives trading alone with a Visa card, NFT products, and much more! Being a highly diversified crypto platform, you’d obviously need a solid affiliate marketing program to attract users — crypto.com does exactly this!

Its affiliate program pays 10% recurring commissions on referral transactions and up to $20 for leads on CJ affiliates.

7) Binance

Let’s be honest, Binance is everywhere. It leads in terms of having the highest number of employees for a cryptocurrency exchange, users as well as volume. Its products are top notch and you’d expect nothing less from its affiliate program.

Its affiliate marketers earn anywhere between 20–40% commission on the referred user’s trade commission — making it an extremely lucrative proposition.

8) Paxful

Paxful is a popular option for buying/selling bitcoins locally via P2P (Peer-to-Peer) transactions using multiple currencies. The platform’s inception can be traced back to 2019 and it witnessed exponential growth amid the 2020 bull-run thanks to its affiliate program.

Affiliate marketers receive 50% of the exchange fees whenever one of your referred customers purchases bitcoin through the platform.

9) Local Bitcoins

Before Paxful’s widespread success, Local Bitcoins had been the go-to platform to transact with bitcoin locally (hence the name) since 2012.

Although its affiliate program is lacking in comparison with Paxful, affiliates get paid 20% on all trading fees for every trade that their referral makes. In addition, its User-Interface is also lacking when compared with its competitor.

10) Billfodl

Billfodl is a cryptocurrency wallet accessory that adds another layer of security to your wallet. By storing your private key or your crypto seed phrase on a nearly indestructible piece of 316 stainless steel, you can guarantee that it will survive any disaster — bear or bull, your seed phrase shall remain untouched.

Fun fact: Billfodl survived a 600-gallon jet fuel fire at the Department of Defense testing site proving its resilience as being indestructible.

The platform offers an 18.75% commission to affiliates during the point of purchase and hence, isn’t a recurring stream of income.

The Verdict

We’ve explored 10 of the most lucrative affiliate programs and one thing can be said with absolute certainty: the success of these platforms has been largely due to their enticing affiliate programs.

Finding a way to have your users generate business for you is the marketing strategy of the century and will likely persist as such. Simultaneously, there exists a lucrative opportunity for prospective affiliate marketers to tap into as well.

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